Friday, 26 October 2012


Theo Paphitis and Sally Jacks (me) after our interview.
Absolutley gutted I will not be with you this afternoon for the launch, especially disappointed, as I miss meeting Sarah and Laura. Unfortunatley I am still sounding like Frank Butcher, looking like Alice Nutter and coughing like I am on 80 a day...I don't smoke!!! Not attractive at all.

Here is my piece on the wedge welly...I love em!!! My interview with Theo Paphitis will be shown, don't worry if you miss it, I will pop on youtube over the weekend.

Don't miss them!!!

Ever heard the expression that that extra half and inch makes all the difference?
Shoes and their heels of course, whether it is kitten, platform, stiletto, wedge etc…what were you thinking?

I myself am vertically challenged and so when it is wet, windy or snowing and the dogs need to be walked, the last thing I want is to feel like is an ‘umpa lumpa’ in a pair of wellingtons.

A part of our wardrobe that will always be needed, but possibly not the most aesthetically pleasing boot in your cupboard is your wellington boots…until NOW!!!!

Flex Wedgewelly.
If you missed Dragons Den and Theo Paphitis investing in a gold mine, then be prepared to squeal with delight and run and book those tickets for Glastonbury…you will go to the ball and be able to pull off wellies like Kate Moss…hooray!!

A wedge or heel always makes the legs look longer leaner and altogether makes us girls feel more confident. ‘Pain no gain’ is normally the motto for heels.
Well, I have road tested these bad boys and they are the business. You’ll have a spring in your step as these have what I can only describe as a bounce in the heel, making these not only comfortable but something you can stand up in all day.

Vid taken on my mobile whilst walking the dogs.

Don’t worry about your thick socks or your favourite pair of jeans. These can all be worn as well, as the Wedgewelly have a range called ‘Flex’ where the top around the calf of your leg is extendable!!  They really have thought of everything and the team behind these 'girls best friends' are Theo, Sarah, Mike and Laura.
Tune into to Bid shopping on Friday October the 26th at 5.30pm, this will be the launch of ‘The Wedge welly on BID TV, also my interview with Theo Paphitis and to meet the girls Sarah and Laura.

Wedge welly will make you skip and jump in the puddles again, something to wet your appetite all year round, not your feet!! Rubberlicious!!
Teddy, Dolly, Bungle, Zippy and myself road testing the Wedge Welly.


Love Sally x
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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Dark, mysterious, moody and terribly romantic...!!! No, I am not talking about Christian Grey in ’50 Shades Of Grey’.
It is that time of year again, ‘Hallowe’en’, although, I promise not to ask you to hunt out the old goth look you have had for many a scary party.

Our obsession for Vampires and Wizards, has finally made its way onto our fashion catwalks.  ‘Glam Goth’ is huge and totally freaking out Autumn/Winter 12.

It’s a look everyone can wear no matter what your age, as it is exactly what it reads in its title…’GLAM’ Goth. This means teaming every girls favourite colour…black, and layering with lashings of lace, sheer chiffon and heavenly velvet…naughty but nice!!!

Your plethora of colours will be diluted in your new fashion potion. But you may add, ox blood red and purples to spice up the mixture.

As for accessories, if you really want to glam up, then add that sparkle. Glamorous rings, clutch bags to die for, or, if you really are daring, add studs to rock the leather.

Crucifix motifs have more than a glare of Versace about them and Alexander McQueen has been handling the skulls as well as Hamlet.

Glam Goth
Dare to be different, it’s a look to not be scared of. It’s fierce but fabulous and will have every man transfixed under your spell.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Make chipped nails a thing of the past.

                                What is the one thing you always notice on a person? Their nails!!

Has this ever happened to you and with in 24 hours of painting?
Well say goodbye and read on!!

Ever since I can remember I would ask my mum or cousins to paint my nails. Whilst at school, it was only clear we could wear, but I still loved it.

When I left school I was singing with Bucks Fizz and had my own money, so I decided to have gel nails. Of course, they were fashionable in the late 90’s. But these are expensive, ruin your nails underneath and don’t look that great after 2 weeks… I stopped about 4 years ago. With the gel, I  still had an obsession for nail vanish, but once removed it became even greater.

I have a countless collection of colours ranging from subtle pinks to loud oranges and yellows. My favourite being a gorgeous green by BarryM which my friends and boyfriend dislike…I love it!!!

With my job on BID TV your nails have to be immaculate every day. I have found myself for the last 2 years with a big bag of colours painting every day, quite tiresome, as nail polish, which ever brand you use, chips within 24 hours.
Two of the beautiful colours and look at that high gloss!!!
6 weeks ago I was introduced to a new system ‘Le Chat’…OMG!!! It is brilliant and I have had so many comments about my nails whilst on the box and out and about. This very easy method, that is dry instantly as soon as you have finished the process and lasts up to 21 days, with no chipping, is just heaven. I recommend you watch the video, this is part of the set up pack. This will show you how to apply and how easy it is. You apply the base coat, nail polish and top coat and cure each caoe under a UV easy.
It won’t ruin your lovely nail bed as gel and acrylic will. You do this at your own leisure without having to pop to a salon. To have this treatment at a salon it ranges from £25 to £30 a go…more expense a month. The massive bonus is that the top coat stays shiny, your nails look like new until it is removed.


Last Thursday I had a great girly night in whilst friends cooked me dinner and I did their nails. This is the way forward…ha ha, especially if I want decent food whilst away from home, lol.

Neat, clean, easy, shiny, fun and you will be saying no to chipped nails forever. Also you will never be embarrassed at the supermarket checkout again because of your chipped nails!! It’s an easy winner!!! Our hands will look amazing next time we raise that glass of champagne… ok, I can dream, mines a vodka and tonic!!
Just a few of the huge range of colours.

Friday, 13 April 2012


What is the first thing you see when you look at someone? Eyes!!... We greet and then talk to the eyes. This is what reaches the inner soul. My point… they HAVE to look good!!

I have tried the lash extensions, great for a week (if done properly). You have to be very careful, friends of mine went bald with over usage. Strip eyelashes can do the same, with all the glue being applied constantly round the eyes, I learnt the hard way, although I still love these for the evening.

However, they are very hard to apply and I sometimes see girls, with what looks like, two pair of eyes, as the strip eyelashes have been applied so badly. Practise makes perfect.
To open the eyes, it’s the old faithful (for a couple of hours) eyeliner. Looks good when first applied, but when you keep having to top up through the day or night it’s a pain and horror when its smudges!!

I have recently tried a few new (to me) products. These have actually been at beauty fairs for years and are about to go on sale in ‘Fenwick’s’, ‘Yes Darling’!! Myself though, I have only just come across them.

Divaderme mascara contains no alcohol (that can make your lashes break). This will now be your best buddy for work and during the day.

For girl about town at night you use with your mascara and add…wait for it!! DIVADERME LASH EXTENDER…WOW. This is what adds the length and thickness, to give you the unbelievable flutter.

                                            EYE PERFECTION

As for your eye liner, well you can bin it now. This is introducing you to semi-permanent eyeliner that stays on for up to 36 hours.

Check list for no smudging eyeliner. Crying at weddings, christenings or parties…sorted. Round the pool on holiday…sorted. At the gym…sorted.
You can now flutter your eyes at anyone and get away with murder!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Very Important! What is your regime?

Whilst I love Fashion, clothes, shoe, handbags etc. Creams, lotions and potions are more beneficial than those jeans or shoes that will only last one of two years. Our faces are with us for life and so need care and attention. A very good friend of mine, Peter Sherlock, who knows everything there is to know about the beauty business and has spent over 20 years working within it. What this man does not know is not worth knowing.

This Friday at 5pm on Bid TV we are bringing to you a skincare range called ‘Natio’, that Peter really believes in (I take all my tips from Peter). Now, I am not someone that will stand and talk about something if I have not given it a go. I have taken samples home and I have been using this beauty regime.

FIRST IMPRESSION – Large bottles, so plenty for your money. Simple, clean and crisp packaging and they smell amazing. I remember my Nanna had unbelievable skin and she swore by Rose water and this is one of Natio’s ingredients, hooray. Rose water is brilliant for all skin types, it great for all skin types, nourishes and hydrate the skin,  as helps acne and sensitive skin .  Natio has outsold Estee Lauder in Australia, this must be good stuff!!

RESULTS – My skin has felt softer, cleaner, hydrated, refreshed and smells amazing (so much so my boyfriend commented, and that never happens).  TIP – I have been pouring a little toner in my hands and pattering all over my face and neck under moisturiser and it feels so refreshing.
CONCLUSION  - Using such great products makes you look forward and not dreading removing makeup and cleansing in the morning, taken all in all about 3 minutes morning and 4 to 5 in the evening. This is very well priced, you are not going to blow your budget, you can still spoil yourself to that handbag those shoes etc.

SO go on spoil yourself and feel great for the summer without breaking the bank.
I’ll see you this Friday the 30th of March on BIDTV with Natio at 5pm.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Spring Summer 2012 is upon us and on July the 27th it is the start of the ‘Olympics’ in London. This has started a huge buzz, not just on the street, tv, newspapers, radio but in the fashion world. Everyone is going Sport Crazy. We don’t just wear sports wear to the gym anymore, sports wear has been part of our everyday fashion for a number of years now. The slouchy trousers, fitted t-shirts, expensive trainers, that we may wear every day and not forgetting the hoodie. Yes it maybe street fashion, but everyone has an element of this in their wardrobe.
This year however, is slightly different, it has gone from baggy to tailored, from sweatshirts to leather, zips, straps, bras, racer backs, mesh and plastics. Goodbye to masculine sport and hello to feminine or androgynous.

The shops are literaly littered and you have an array of choice out there. This was the inspiration for our second shoot at college. I know I know………I have been talking about the third shoot. Well that went well and I will reveal the photos once they have been sent through to me, but in the mean time  it’s all about sports...

The reason being, is that I couldn’t make that particular week at college due to being under the weather, and so I was deeply disappointed to miss the sports look shoot especially when I had put so much effort into sourcing the outfits. Believe me, this is definitely the hardest part, you have an idea in mind then you just cannot find what you want…arrgghhhh.

A good friend of mine who is an amazing designer had some friends that were students, they get together, doing what they call in the industry test shoots. This means a stylist, makeup artist, model and photographer come together and photograph a look to build their portfolios.
A quick phone call and the day I was missing at college was not ruined and my test shoot was in two weeks time.

The photos below were the outcome and I’m seriously chuffed.

Photographer: John Cubillan
Model: Katy Ramsey
Make-up and Hair: Abbie Glover
Stylist: Sally Jacks
First look.

Dress, shoes and socks - Topshop
Second Look.
Black dress - Primark
Shoes - Topshop

Material from Oakmount Mill in Burnley and  then we pinned it to the walls and wrapped around the model.
All chic and sleek and not a tracksuit in sight it is all glam. Lots of designers have been showing their looks on the catwalk for SS12. Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Fahri and Stella McCartney to name a few.

Victoria Beckham must have been taking tips for hubby David for her looks on sport.

Stella McCartney has designed the new Team GB for the Olympics and got together with ADIDAS.

You could just add a sport touch in your shoes take a look at these from ASOS.

Remember accessories should be kept to a minimum, hair sleeked back and off the face. So on that night out you feel you are on the runway not the running track. On your marks get set GOOOOOOOO!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Who is your 'Style Icon'?

Who is your style Icon?

Two weeks ago at college we were all given our third and final editorial shoot. My hands sweating…I know it sounds stupid but I really do get nervous before finding out what our next challenge is. I think it is because I care and I want to do it to the best of my ability.

The shoot is tomorrow Wednesday the 14th of March. We are shooting a male and female model this time. That’s two outfits and two lots of mind scrambling for me…..arrrggghhhh.

SO where do I head? You are so right, Manchester. Two to three visits trying to get the right bits and pieces. I have an idea in my head then can’t find the blooming stuff.

This shoot is about ‘Style Icons’. What is a style icon though? You will already have someone that has just sprung to mind. Someone you love and you think have the unbelievable epitome of style. You may have modelled yourself on them through your life or just stood back and admired from afar.

If you were to ask your other half or even your best friend they probably no doubt have a completely different viewpoint? There is not a right or wrong answer.

I am very nosey and I would love to know who you would choose? If you can and it does not take too much of your time leave your answers in the comments section below?

So, who have I chosen? A little weird I know but remember I have to style this for a photoshoot so I wanted to think out of the box and give myself a little bit of a character to work with.

My male is Charlie Chaplin. ‘Charlie Chaplin’ I hear you say…’What on earth are you thinking?’

Pretty Cool Hey?

Yes he is scruffy but with a slight coolness in a way. If you look at Johnny Depp now he wears the shirt and tie and hat but also in an unkept way. Style today has definitely taken a turn in this direction all you need to do is look at ‘Vivienne Westwood’ and for high street take a look at ‘All Saints’, it’s cool, hip and very arty with the supposedly look of not trying at all.

My female icon is a cross between Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Betty Boop and Minnie Mouse. I am in love with the fifties. Out of whom I have chosen there is only one actually from the fifties….Marilyn Monroe. Dita Von Teese has great style taken for the fifties, Minnie Mouse was drawn firstly in 1928 but to me has a great sweet look that could be 1950’s and as for Betty Boop she is from the 1930’s and was looked upon as the first sex symbol on screen and when I look at her I see 1950’s….she must have been way ahead of her time. Infact, take a look at the pictures did Marilyn Monroe have Betty Boop as her style icon?
Marlyn Monroe.
Dita Von Teese
Betty Boop
Minnie Mouse.

1950s is a huge fashion trend at the moment, the Spring/Summer 12 catwalks were full of it. Some of the designers taking their inspiration from that era are; Daks, Dolce and Gabanna, Prada and Rochas.
With my outfits ready to go,……..well nearly. Still have a little customisation (that’s sticking stuff to a head band with some glue) to do for my female model. I am packed and ready to head back down to London.

I will have the photos to show you as soon as they are done.